i'm twitch/storm - as my mood changes swiftly as the weather and darkens uncontrollably. i'm a woman stuck in limbo.

photos of me. this is my personal blog. a visual confessional of my life, interests, inspirations and whatever else my mind exudes.

photographer. designer. minx.


email: burnthawitch@gmail.com

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kittyfarts asked: hello darlin, its been a while since ive said hi. i remember when i first saw you on myspace. lol way too long ago. anyways i had this idea for a hairstyle and wanted to run it by you since you do a lot of alt hair styles. I have your standard afrolatina hair, i can go from straight to curly fairly easily. I was thinking of cutting short bangs but wondered for the longest if it would look good both ways. i was also thinking of shaving cat ears right above my temples. it might fit under the bangs

Oh god I’m so late but yaaaasss girl. Go for it. I like the concept. It’ll look great and fuck it, it’s just hair if you end up changing your mind later!

Take me there. Anywhere, with you.

Sugarplum island.

Gimme tha loot, gimme tha loot

Wattup doe, bae

Wattup doe, bae


DESIGN: The Future of Makeup Has Arrived

Using incredibly precise light projectors, Nobumichi Asai has demonstrated how a person’s face can be digitally altered in real-time.

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It’s too fucking early to be annoyed but I am.

It’s too fucking early to be annoyed but I am.

My world has been officially rocked.

I’m loving life right now.



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Anonymous asked: You do realize the people that started cyber ghetto and harajuku ghetto are black right?

Oh I didn’t know black people couldn’t be racist too?

Anonymous asked: The harajuku ghetto thing is basically a result of this "cyber ghetto" movement which is basically white people appropriating black, latin@, and Asian cultures and customs

I really can’t keep up with kids and their trends nowadays. It’s all a bit much. I’m totally biased and think that my high school graduating year were the last breed of official alternative kids. Everything henceforth is so not cool. Lol.

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Anonymous asked: why did you stop making youtube videos?

Ugh. Cause I’m too busy with my life lol. I used to love to do it but I’m at the point where idk what I’d even talk about anymore.

whats-the-time-mister-wolf asked: You are epicness embodied Scruffie. Since Stickam. Dammit... Now I miss Connor.

Oh shush looookkiiii! Yeah I know I miss camming with you guys. No wifi here doe but we should all catch up one day!